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The Fair Trade Resolution

Click on the link below to download the Fair Trade Resolution first passed by the Town of Halton Hills and nows spreading across Canada. The resolution supports free, fair, and reciprocal trade. It simply says that Canadian municipalities are willing to make their infrastructure projects open to any country that doesn’t block Canadian-made products for their projects. That’s called reciprocity and it’s just common sense.

Once a municipality passes the Fair Trade resolution that supports the adoption of Fair Trade procurement, it can adopt a simple addition to its existing procurement policy. The Town of Halton Hills has already created and adopted this policy and it can serve as a template - click here to view.

Similar resolutions have already been passed or endorsed by the Region of Halton the City of Temiskaming Shores and over a dozen other local governments. Others are planning to bring it before their local or regional councils in the coming weeks. The Federation of Canadian Municipalities, with over 1750 members and representing almost 90% of Canada’s population, classified the issue as an emergency and put the Fair Trade resolution to a vote by its membership on June 6, 2009 at its annual conference in Whistler, BC where it was adopted.
FCM Statement on Fair Trade Resolution adoption.


Halton Hills Council Resolution April 20 09

Halton Region Council Resolution May 13 09

Temiskaming Shores Council Resolution May 19 09

GTAC Mayors' Alliance Resolution May 22 09

City of Surrey Adoption of HH Resolution May 25 09

Peel Region Council Resolution Jun 4 09

FCM Fair Trade Resolution_Adopted June 6 09

Résolution Ville de Thetford Mines June 8 09

Hastings Highlands Council Resolution June 26 09

Township of Galway-Cavendish & Harvey Council Resolution Sept 1 09

Town of Bracebridge Council Resolution Sept 4 09

Guelph Eramosa Council Resolution Sept 9 09